Team members



Danny Rampling

Danny Rampling's name is synonymous with dance music, from pioneering and been an integral part of dance culture, to a successful radio and producing career to constant DJ appearances at top nights around the globe, Danny Rampling is not a name we can easily forget, but what most don't know is he ex 10 PARA!


‘G’ Geddes

‘G’ Geddes - 25 years in the British Army and 5 years as a CPO in Iraq. During those early years picked up his first set of 1210’s in 89. Starting with a love of hip hop and eventually moving over to house music. DJing at sone of the best clubs in UK and around the globe, holding residency in the iconic The Cross in London. Now living in Chester DJing and holding events as part of duo Geddes + Gioia


Big Phil Campion

'Big' Phil Campion is a veteran of military operations in nearly every conflict-prone corner of the world, both as a soldier in the regular Armed Forces and as an elite operator and mercenary. A man who once had to resort to throwing a fridge full of Coca Cola to fend off Somali Pirates, Phil Campion's story must be heard to be believed.


The Sgt Fruitcake

Drivetime With The Sgt Fruitcake - 3 Hours of Belt Fed Bangers, FUBAR facts and Sarge’s signature 'Pet Peeves & Rants'. He’ll drive you nuts, weekdays from 4.


Delta Bravo

Delta Bravo Fresh new tropical house & funk, DB brings you the best tracks for your evenings. Bringing the vibes 3 nights a week, unwind with DeltaBravo, here on ForceRadio


James Martin

Mornings with James Martin - Bringing you 2 hours of great music, comms & shoutouts. Get in touch with me on social media to hear yours on the airwaves.


Jason King

Joining us from BFBS – Jason pushes our comms through the final stretch of the workday with his Stonking Tracks. Dialled In & Locked on, Afternoons with Jason King